Question How do I start a build?
AnswerVisit the Contact page and let me know what model would you like.

Within 24 hours I’ll get back to you and ask you as many questions as possible and we might also have a videocall.

Once I know more what is your desire, I’ll give you a detailed price estimate and pre drawings to show you which directions I will take as every demand is unique and different.

The price of the handmade cabinet starts at 35,000 US dollars then varies depending on the length, the material and its customization.

I’ll ask for a non-refundable deposit and I’ll start working on your guitar cabinet.

We have several payment options including installment payments. Payments sent towards a build are non-refundable once the build is started.

Question Do you take trades towards builds?
AnswerSure, Contact us and let us know what you have and we’ll talk
Question Do you ship overseas to the USA, Japan etc..?
AnswerAll the time.. Customer pays actual shipping costs and to be sure everything is fine once in your country, a builder will install the cabinet in your home.
Question Can you send me pictures every step of the way?
AnswerYes I can and it’s even very important that you see the process of your cabinet making. We will send you periodic updates, and pictures at milestones.
Question How long will I be waiting ?
AnswerBuild times are currently at about 4 months, If your cabinet is finished sooner you can bet it’ll be shipped. This is how long it takes to make beautiful and unique things and for every aspect of the build to be performed to the highest level of quality.

Nice things take time to achieve…

Question What if I don't know exactly what I want ?
AnswerDon’t worry, that is my part, as written earlier, I need to talk to you to understand your taste and what turns you on, I need pictures of the room where the cabinet is going to be installd to make it obvious once in the place.
Question Can you make anything ?
AnswerYes we can, except miracles…