The Elwood Proof

Regis Dajczman is a musician and  a designer. He is in love with guitars since childhood.

For him, it is the most beautiful instrument, it lives and expresses itself.  How can this simple piece of wood bring so much happiness? It grows old with us, a little like leather, which Regis loves as much and use in his collections of accessories. Regis’ work is mainly to protect the items that he and his customers care for. He plays with them, and ritualizes the daily gestures to enhance the cherished objects.

The genesis :

A while ago, Regis was invited to play guitar at a friend’s whose collection is large and varied. What surprised him most was the way the guitars were not really stored. He had to find a way to make this collection better arranged, protected and provide the best case possible for the best guitars . In a dream he had the idea of a concept for a guitar cabinet. He spoke the next day to his friend who gave him carte blanche.

The concept :

It is a piece of furniture with a personalized and sophisticated design, made to welcome, protect and store in a small space your favorite guitars. Compared to classic racksthat store guitars but do not protect them from shocks, this unique cabinet offers a shockfree solution.

This piece of furniture had to be on the same league than the guitars it was made for. Regis developed a system of vertical sliding drawers to independently release each guitar. Their elliptical shape creates space in the cabinet and shows a third of each guitar in a row. Each guitar is protected in a padded leather drawer to avoid any kind of shock and for the beauty of the material. The cabinet was handcrafted by the best cabinetmaker in Paris., a team trained at the  renowed French design school and programs: les Compagnons and the Boulle school .

The electrical lighting system Regis developed does not need to be plugged in, there is no plug, just a rechargeable battery that allows a 6 months autonomy.

Regis fancies old cars too, and he wanted this work to be a synthesis of his love for guitars and cars. So he up-recycled the bumpers and handles of a 1961 Lincoln Continental that became the feet and handles of the cabinet. He named the guitar cabinet ELWOOD PROOF, in tribute to Elwood Engel, the designer of the Lincoln Continental and Jean « Prouvé » (“Proof” in English) whose work is for Regis Dajczman an everyday inspiration. Finally he adorned the cheeks of the cabinet with nails of upholsterer inspired by Jean Royere’s work.

So was born the Elwood Proof Num 00


The Elwood Proof 3D Video